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Nov 13, 2020

We’re Blogging Now

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At The Leverage Group, we’ve never blogged before. That’s all about to change…starting now.

There is still some confusion in the digital world about whether or not blogs are worth the time, effort, brainstorming, execution, proofreading, posting, etc. Well, I am here to show you why blogging is an integral piece to your overall digital marketing strategy.

Want to be Seen? Blog.

Your website’s SEO will certainly increase once you start incorporating blogs (which, in turn, generates natural leads to you). Using blogs rich in keywords relevant to your industry will help your website be organically populated more in the search engine world. Now, I’m not saying every single blog has to be a black and white, dry, boring blog. You sell pillows for a living? Write blogs about nighttime beauty tips, dream interpretations, etc. I can promise you – The Leverage Group’s blogs are going to be fun, engaging, and relevant to our world.

Want Engagement? Blog.

Sure, posting content-rich posts on social media on a regular basis will drive consumer engagement, but how about giving them a reason to go back to your website? Blog. And then, post a link to those blogs like you would a typical social media post. This, in turn, will entice your followers to, not only, engage with you on social, but also on a more personal level through your website.

Want to Look like an Industry Leader? Blog.

The top dogs perform the best. Stand out in your industry by proving you have the capability to be proficient in what you are selling. We sell marketing. That’s an intangible object, so we have to be proficient in quite a few different areas to set us apart from the rest. When you provide your client or potential client with a robust profile of knowledge of information and/or that you can keep up with the ever-changing trends, you increase your leadership status.

Overall, blogging increases your natural visibility in the digital world, your consumer engagement, and the credibility you, as a company, have to show that you know what you are doing and staying current on trends.

We know what we’re doing – come check us out and stay tuned for many more fun, engaging blogs to come!