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Meet Donald

a bit about Donald

His passion for his workmates and clients radiates through the work he does. With over 20 years of creative experience, he has been a partner with the Leverage Group for more than 8 years.


“May God expand your life until you fulfill your destiny.”
– Peter Daniels

Real men wear boots

All glory is fleeting.

Real life!

fun facts about Donald

Bless the Rains

Has traveled to Africa 9 times

Not his First Rodeo

In high school, he braved riding a bull in a local rodeo

A House is a Home

Lived in (literally) a dirt house until he was in 2nd grade


Loves all things cartoons

Berries and Cherries

Pulled over twice within 5 minutes by two separate officers on a highway in TX

Very Creative

Not only is it his career, but his passion is in creating new things and tinkering