Digital Specialist / Content Coach
Meet Chelsea

a bit about Chelsea

Chelsea joined The Leverage Group in 2015 as an account executive with a special focus in digital marketing. She now serves as Digital Content Coach as well as a member of the Digital Support team. Chelsea has worked in numerous fields allowing her portfolio to be robust within different industries.


“An arrow can only be shot by first pulling it backward.”

#MyFavorite #TagTeamPartner

The two best buds anyone could have.

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say

fun facts about Chelsea

Zoom, Zoom!

Was born in the car on the highway on the way to the hospital

Wait, What?

She is allergic to bacon!

Bucket List

Iguazu Falls, Complete a full triathlon, swim with dolphins in the wild, change someone’s life forever.

Captain Clutch

Derek Jeter was her childhood hero.

Buffalo Chicken Addict

It’s a thing.

Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers?

She has 9, sorry.